Linear random projections come to LightOn Cloud through the release of lightonML v1.4

We are excited to announce the release of LightOn ML v1.4, now available on PyPi and on LightOn servers on LightOn Cloud! :tada:

With this release, you now have at your disposal a lightning-fast scalable linear random projection on any Aurora Nitro OPU. A linear transform opens the path to many interesting applications, for example in randomized linear algebra. You can find a selection of these in our preprint Photonic co-processors in HPC: using LightOnOPUs for Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra. To use the linear transform, you just need to call opu.linear_transform in place of opu.transform. If you use one of the OPUMap classes, the linear transform is activated with the linear boolean attribute.

The API doesnโ€™t change: you can still use numpy arrays, Pytorch tensors, and everything you have ever used before!