OPU containers come to LightOn Cloud!

We are excited to announce that today, 07 Oct 2021, we are releasing a major update to LightOn cloud infrastructure, with the use of containers :tada:

There will be no change in the way you use LightOn Cloud and you shouldn’t notice anything different: you will still have SSH access and a complete Jupyterlab environment.

Notable new features include:

  • Latest versions of the packages, with CUDA 11.1 , PyTorch 1.9 :grinning:
  • Bookings can now start immediately if an OPU is available, no more need to wait for 10 minutes :star_struck:

Note that in this new platform you have complete control on the conda installation although you won’t have admin privileges.

Also if you may need to re-create your Anaconda or virtual environment, as the absolute path of your home changed, and these environment may not like that.

The LightOn Cloud team

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