Run the code locally with the simulated device


I would like to know if it’s possible to run the OPU code locally with the simulated OPU device to understand more how the projections & the decoding works
To be able to do that the 2 libraries lightonml & lightonopu should be installed on my computer but I can’t find them on pip.

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Hi Wassim,

Indeed, we haven’t yet released our libraries on Pypi, but they’ll be released soon. Meanwhile I’m sending you the wheels by email, so that you can install them directly with pip. Note that these are in version 1.2 that have been released just today.

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I have the same problem, as a wassim. Where I can get the libraries to simulate OPU locally?

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Hi Bogdan,

I sent you an email with the libraries attached.

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We have uploaded lightonml on lightonml · PyPI, so now it can be installed locally with pip install lightonml for simulation purposes.