Sudo privileges

I thought we had sudo privileges on lighton’s cloud but when I type sudo I get a -bash: sudo: command not found. If I try su -, then I am asked a password which I don’t have.
Thank you

Hi Luc!

After the move to containers, the user does not have admin privileges but complete control on the conda installation.
You can read more in the announcement:


Could you share the reason for which you need admin privileges? Perhaps we can work around it in another way.


I don’t really understand what means “having complete control on conda”.

I need to install opencv.

When I do pip install python-opencv, everything is fine. Then if I import it in python with import cv2, I get the following error:

ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Then I found this stackoverflow post which proposes a solution requiring sudo privilege.

Can I do that through conda?

Thanks for bringing this up. We tried this on our end as well and indeed something is not working as expected. We are on it and will keep you informed :wink:


Hi Luc,

We have added the missing on LightOn Cloud, now installing OpenCV should work correctly.

Please tell us if something else is needed!



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