Using a remote interpreter on Aurora's


I would like to ask about the feasibility & limitation of using remote interpreters on your servers.

I don’t use notebooks much, much of what I work on are scripts that I would like to run “locally” on my machine but have the interpreter on the server.

Usually, the procedure is very simple:

  1. Install the IDE’s helpers on the server ( Pycharm for me )
  2. Locally configure the IDE to use the interpreter on the server using SSH access.

Is this something that you support for now ?

Thank you


Hi Wassim,

Sure, with SSH access on the servers this is quite common in our internal use also.

If you have provided your SSH public key, once your booking is started you will be able to SSH directly on the compute server (an email will be sent at this time with the command to access it, if you have booked Aurora-A it will be ssh

Once your booking has started, you can setup a remote SSH interpreter in PyCharm and appropriate deployment of your files. Be sure to use the ~/data directory to have persistence of your data.

Note that for file access, we offer permanent SFTP access to your data directory via, with the same SSH credentials, see SFTP section

Feel free if you have any question!