Using the booking and payment system

Table of Content

Accessing the booking system

  • Accessing the booking system: In order to make a booking, you may select the “online booking and payment” item from the header menu on the LightOn Cloud website, or go directly to the dedicated webpage.

  • Logging into the booking system: to log in the booking system you have to use your email and your password. After a successful login, you will see the calendar/schedule in the booking page.
    Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 19.50.13

  • After successful login, In the top bar, you can see your name (“signed in as [username/email]”), your available credits, the option to sign-out, a link to your settings, change language icon, and help.
    Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 19.52.09

  • From “your settings” tab you can change your email, your password, and your country (if you change your email please make sure that you send an email to support[at] to let us know!). Please also make sure that the displayed time zone is the correct one, otherwise, you may experience problems during the booking! You can also see your available credits and you can also find a link to directly go to the online shop to buy more credits.

Navigating the schedule

The default view when first opening the schedule is the “available” view. Through this view, you can get a list of upcoming available time-slots. In the “Agenda” tab, you can see all your upcoming bookings as well as the history of your previous bookings.
Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 14.25.50

  • Navigate to a different date: click the arrows next to the current date, or click inside the month navigator on the right-hand side.
  • Set OPU visibility: You can switch between showing a single OPU or all of them by clicking the resource selector.
  • Different schedule views: You can select between different views of the schedule, for example, you can show a whole week or a single day by clicking the corresponding tab.

Making and editing a booking

  • Booking a time-slot: click on an empty spot in the schedule and provide the necessary information. When creating a reservation, it is mandatory to provide your username; failure to do so will result in a problem with the booking.

  • Selecting the OPU: From the reservation window, you can select the OPU that you want to use, and the required credits will change depending on your reservation criteria. Please note, that you cannot make a reservation if you don’t have available credits.

  • Edit bookings: You can edit previously created bookings by clicking on them. Please note that you cannot edit or delete your booking less than 1 hour in advance of the booking time!
    When you delete an upcoming booking the credits that were used for this booking are added back to your account.
    (If a window is in the way, simply move it by dragging its title bar.)

  • After the reservation creation, you will receive an email with the reservation information and a link to access the Jupyter notebook!

Before booking a time slot, please take into account that due to inherent limitations of the booking system, the following restrictions apply. We are actively working on lifting them:

  • Booking duration: The minimum booking duration is 10 minutes and the maximum booking duration is 24 hours.
  • Booking start time: You may not plan a booking for less than 10 minutes in advance (minimum booking start time = Now+10’). Additionally, a time buffer of 10 minutes exists between bookings for the same OPU. (e.g. if a booking ends at 15:00 a new booking may start after 15:10).
  • Booking modification: After a booking has been made, it cannot be modified. Alternatively, you may delete your booking and make a new one. (The credits from the deleted booking will be immediately added back to your account).
  • Booking deletion: You may delete a booking until 1 minute before the starting time. (e.g. a booking that starts at 15:00 cannot be deleted after 14:58).

Adding more credits to your account

If you want to add more credits to your account, let us know at support[at]